Instructions for submitting a document

I am interested in receiving suggestions for documents to be included at this site. As publisher I do reserve the right of final editorial judgement, but I promise to consider any and all reasonable requests. Some criteria to keep in mind:

  • Make a specific suggestion. Don't say, "You have nothing from [insert name here], and I think you ought to." Instead, say, "I think you should consider the speech of [blah, blah]" and give time, place, etc., along with a source.
  • Folks who provide the typed text by email will earn extra consideration.
  • Since the site is devoted to the secession crisis, I am mostly interested in documents from the period 1860-61. Lincoln's Second Inaugural is an exception to that, and I suspect that there might be others from time to time, but do keep this in mind.
  • I will almost certainly refuse to put up any post-war commentary. What I am trying to accomplish here is to put in the public eye the actual words and thoughts of the actors in the secession drama. What did they say it was all about?
Feel free to make suggestions: